Tuesday, October 2, 2007


This is a crunchy apple salad with marscarpone cheese, and assorted nuts like pine nuts, walnuts etc. Fried Goat's Cheese - oozing and warm and delicious starter! Tuna paste and pork loin Cappacio with capers- had this the last time it's one of my fave dishes! The plate was swabbed clean with the bread. It's thinly sliced pork loin smothered in a tuna paste which is so smooth and creamy, sprinkled with salty capers.
Stir fried mushroom appetiser - I thought this was so so cos the tuna cappacio is still my favourite... Braised lamb (about $34?) - The lamb was so soft it fell off the bone and the tomato sauce was rich and meaty. Beef with mashed potatoes and truffel oil. It'a apparently very very good - i pinched a bit of the mashed potato which is creamy, light and infused with truffel oil.Lumberjack pasta (about$23?) - tomato and cream sauce with bacon bits and some other things. I like spaghetti with tomato and cream sauce. Actually, the last time I came here, they had lobster pasta in pink sauce which was really really very yummy - i'll rate that 10/10! But they didn't have lobsters this time.
Ravioli with some cheese that I can't remember... It is quite ordinary by itself, but once you eat it with the nicely fried herbs (as seen in the picture) it tastes very unique.

Seafood Paella ($25)

Ristorante Da Valentino
11 Jalan Bingka (off Rifle Range Road)
Tel: 6462 0555


Camemberu said...

Thanks for the post and photos! Real nice to see dishes from Valentino. Would love to try that joint someday.

m said...

hello camemberu! I really like Valentinos :), but it's saved for special occasions due to budget constraints :( The staff's really friendly and the whole place is v homely too!