Friday, October 26, 2007


Yay I finally went to the Equinox for lunch! I've never been there and the last time i went so high to see Singapore's scenery was prob in some sec school national education trip! This is one of my ultimate i-want-to-try-but-i-dont-really-wanna-pay-so-much buffet places :D lucky got the discount card :D:D

The lunch buffet either comes as a plain buffet ($40++), or a buffet and a main course (48++). The buffet has mainly starters and desserts.

Of course, I can't miss out the opportunity on stocking up my year's supply of foie gras! hehe the most overated dish according to some chefs, but its so yummy and crispy and oily and delicious with the fried piece of bread and sauce.

Anyway, they have this chef who stands at this stove cooking all the lovely yellow livers and then the yummy fat-frying-aroma will warft all around and make everyone feel like eating it. And can hear the sizzling of fats cooking in the frying pan too!

Fresh oysters, crab and prawnScallop cold dishes, sashimi, this yummy curry prawn salad with japanese cucumbersCheeses, lobster salad, tuna tataki.

It's quite obvious that it's worth it to pay $8++ more for the main course cos there was so much to choose from. The menu is organised into 3 main types of dishes - the Asian, Western and Vegetarian. The dishes all come with the lunch buffet + main course.This is the slow cooked Chilean sea bass which was very fresh and tender, and it tasted vaguely like cod, cos it was nice and oily (the fish oil kind). Soft shell crab al la plancha - Asian salad and sweet an sour chilli dressing. The Miso Glazed Lamb Yakitori stole the show. It came with shitake mushrooms and Japanese pumpkin puree and tasted the best. The lamb was juicy, slightly charred and the pumpkin sauce was sweet and creamy.The dessert selection was good and I liked the creme brulee alot cos it was so super creamy and it came in this very low dish so there was a great proportion of burnt caramel to creme brulee.

The chocolate mousse was very good too - rich and creamy and reminded me of koko black's chocolate mousse.

They also had ice cream - raspberry sorbet and lime sorbet too. and the essential chocolate fountain.Of course, while eating, we enjoyed gazing at the Singapore skylineCan see the Esplanade and the merlion and fullerton too! And all the cars look like little micromachine cars!

Yay so happy! :D Hope I will never suffer from any GI disorders / illnesses or i'll be so sad!

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