Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shun Tuk Chee Cheong Fun

This mordern cheecheongfun makes me think of sushi cos of the seaweed. It's stuffed with minced chicken, shredded carrots and an omelette. I think it's called the zha jiang chee cheong fun ($3).The sauce is quite similar to the normal thick black chee cheong fun sauce, and it comes with chilli. Though the skin is slightly thicker than normal (probably so it won't break so easily), its smooth and soft and goes very well with the sauce.

They have lots of other types of chee cheong fun - such as curry yong tau foo chee cheong fun, and cheecheongfun with pork floss etc etc The mushroom and chicken chee cheong fun is not bad, with the chicken and mushroom being put on top the chee cheong fun instead of in it.

Shun Tuk Chee Cheong Fun
People's Park Food Centre (next to OG in Chinatown).

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Camemberu said...

Interesting take on chee cheong fun.