Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crepe House

I like crepes! Last time bugis had a crepe place but I dunno if it's still there... And when I went to Bangkok, I ate cheap crepe too! And in Japan the crepes are so yummy - Singapore should have more of these cos they're so yummy got sweet got savory and got ice cream ones!
Apparently, this was featured in 8 days. And apparently they also employ alot of chio bus to work there. Hmm I don't think it really works cos all the people just stand at one side oggling at the girls but then there isn't much people queing up to buy.
The crepe skin is nice soft and chewy and fresh and this was the making of the tuna crepe - they put lots of mayonnaise inside so it'll taste extra yummy. If only it wasn't at such a far far place I would patronise it so more! Dessert crepes come with either whipped cream or custard. I tried the custard it's very creamy too! and it's imported from Japan. Must pay 50 cents more for custard but I don't like whipped cream.
Crepe House

Jurong Point

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