Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ikea's Rubberized Fish and Chips

Ikea's rubberized fish and chips -on Fridays. I've eaten this twice, and both times they tasted the same - greasy, slightly soggy and rubberized. Its quite amazing how the Ikea food store is so crowded during lunch times - the food is overpriced and tastes terrible. The only thing that i find vaguely palatable is the salmon - and it's grossly overpriced for such a little sliver of salmon.
Furthermore, you have to que like mad to get a table, even on weekday lunch times. Sometimes i wonder how come all these people don't have tastebuds. Anyway, my major gripe is that they make you pay for tartar sauce, which I consider to be a staple for fish and chips! That little portion (it's quite runny) costs 30 cents. It's the only saving grace for the rubberized batter - I seriously wonder how they get it into that consistency - no where else can you get rubberized fsh and chips.

Seriously, save your money and go and get it from the AH canteen - it's so much better and they actually give you proper tartar sauce.

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