Monday, November 12, 2007

Thai Accent - Thai NUDLE Cafe

Hmm I wonder what's up with the Nudle?
Tried this thai place at vivo - it reminds me of thai express - cos they have these paper menus. But the ambience is much nicer and there's even this pretty alfresco balcony with swing-seats facing sentosa! But I sat inside cos i needed the lights to take photos of the food...

Anyway, the menu's more extensive than thai express - and they have lots of dishes (about 80). We tried the usual - green curry with chicken ($13.50++) (which was quite good and not too spicy but quite spicy for me), pineapple rice with chicken ($10.90)(which wasn't that great, the chicken came in super huge chunks and they were quite dry. There is an option for prawn for the same price).The three pretty things are the Thai-styled Otak otak ($10.90++) which was terrible tasting - there was this queer smell (which wasn't lemongrass) which smelt like some fermenting thing. I really don't know if it was meant to taste this way - and there's cabbage underneath the orange otak layer... pretty ex and yucky!
The dish behind that is the stir fried minced chicken with hot basil leaves ($12.90++). I quite like this dish but then I thought there wasn't enough fish sauce inside compared to what we ate in bangkok... My favourite thai dish - Pad thai fried noodles with prawns ($12.90++). The prawns aren't the 'crystal prawns' and the noodles were very sweet. I think thai express does it better? And cheaper too...Desserts are listed in the menu under the heading os 'Life is beautiful, let's make it sweet'
We tried the saco with sliced coconut and coconut milk ($3.90++) and the 'sliced coconut' here they're referring to is honey sea coconut not the real coconut flesh! I thought this was not bad but pretty ex.

Mango sticky rice served with coconut milk was $6.90++ for a small portion... everything here is super ex!
However, I must say that the service is good - efficient and attentive even though the place was really crowded.
Another thing is that they charge for water! $0.30 for each cup (refillable). Their drinks are as good as daylight robery - $5 bucks for thai iced tea, thai iced coffee, thai lemongrass tea (which i would have liked to try but it's so ex!), and it's $4 for Jasmine tea, green tea, camomile tea and chinese tea. Soft drinks are $2.80. This place is really expensive!

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Thai Accent
Level 2

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f|sh said...

oh! haha i went there recently too and had the green curry.. it was super empty that evening :P