Monday, November 19, 2007

Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet is this Indonesian dish - I first heard about it in the newspapers cos they did a review on all the best ayam penyats in Singapore - it's some flattened chicken or something, which is marinaded and fried and then flattened(?) or something liddat...

Anyway, the day before, Makansutra had this episode on all the good east food and since we were in Changi, we went down to Changi Village to try this.

Apparently this is a super shiok super good ayam penyet - Sri Bistari Changi Village Famous Ayam Penyet (the original). It's found on the market side, in the day you can find it quite easily cos there's really loud radio songs blasting from some hidden speaker, and at night it's brightly lit with flashing lights. Each plate costs $4 and comes with rice and soup.
They give a really generous portion of chilli - which is very chunky cos there's lots of spices like lemongrass ginger and all that kind of fibrous things and it's quite sweet and yummy too. The chicken itselt doesn't really have much marinade, and it comes with healthy crunchy salad on the side. It's also pretty unique cos it comes in a wooden bowl.Ayam Penyet can be found in Changi Village (Market Side)

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