Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spa - 1 minute Instant Noodles

This is a very interesting 1 minute cup noodle from Japan - its not dry noodles but those already cooked kind. It reminded me of the Jap-Italian pasta from Waraku, and it comes with mentai (roe) too! So obviously I had to try it even though it had such a monstrous price tag of $4.50!
It's pretty cool got so many packets (noodles, sauce, dehydrated roe, and seaweed) and they even have a queer little sieve - just put the hot water inside and stir the noodles,and then pour out the hot water after a minute. I didn't quite like the ovrall taste - too salty but it was quite cool cos there were little bits of dehydrated roe which were pink. Not as nice as the real thing of course but for $4.50 and at the convenience of your own home and of course, for me, the novelty.

I got my noodles from Cold Storage King Albert Park but I also saw this at Mediya SupermarketLiang Court.

Argh dunno why my internet can't load a single picture so sad i can't even see what i'm blogging grrr!

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