Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant - Square 2 Novena

The last time I went to Novena I passed this Korean restaurant. It looked quite authentic and there were a few Korean families eating there when I went to Square 2 the next time (you usually can't go wrong when you see Korean/Japanese eating at Korean/Jap restaurants). They have Korean BBQ as well as other Korean dishes.

9 Korean starters including kimchi, Beansprouts, potato salad etc. One waitress told us that the starters were free flow (like Crystal Jade Korean) but then when they actually came, we were told that it was only free for the first refill. More about the bad service later...

This is my hot stone Bibimbap (dolsot bibimbap 돌솥 비빔밥), served with either chicken or beef. Most of the time, bibimbap in Spore is served with beef, so I was quite happy when I saw the chicken version here. If I remember correctly it's about $15 for this, including a soup.
This is the Ground Yellow Bean Stew. It's this really thick and chunky ground yellow beans (It's a bit like soya beans?) with a bit of pork and it's slightly spicy. It's supposed to be a very popular dish in Korea.
It comes with this very pretty rice in a hot bowl which is topped with sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin and a red date.
This is the Ginseng Chicken ($17), I like the Crystal Jade Korean one better cos it's tastier. This was rather bland and the ginseng taste was nearly non-existant. (As you can tell, I hardly ever eat at other korean restaurants except Crystal Jade, I shall aim to try more Korean food :D)

Complimentary caramelized sweet potato with sesame seeds for dessert.

The service is quite bad, but I hope nothing will come close to the horrible service of my number one hated restaurant Rio Brazillian Restaurant (next to Queenstown prison - DONT ever go there it sucks like shit). When we asked about this Korean alcoholic drink called "Milk Wine", this bitchy china waitress told us "It's wine with milk LAH" (of course this was in chinese, they can't speak english for nuts, and I'm guessing that they can't speak any Korean either). Of course, when we asked this other waitress, she said that it was called "Milk Wine" because after the fermentation, the wine will acquire a chalky white apperance, which was likened to milk, but there was completely no milk inside.
If you don't mind the crappy service, the food here's quite nice, above average and there's a quite a good variety of Korean food.

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant
Square 2 Novena

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