Friday, February 1, 2008

Canele - Dessert Galore

hohoho so exciting on 24th Jan (super long ago but nvm cos I was backlogging for v long) we were happily treated to yummy canele :D of course, since it was a treat, I already set my mind up to getting the crepe cos it's the more expensive thing on the menu (but I was so nice I nv go and buy the most expensive crepe which was $15 bucks, mine was $13.80)Oh but then again I bought a pistachio macaroon and pok bought a violet macaroon. Such expensive macaroons each was like $2.30! The violet macaroon is much better even though the colour looks like purple tinged cement. There is a subtle violet taste and smell and there's a icing/buttery layer in the middle to glue the two pieces of macaroons together.
I didn't quite like the pistachio one cos the taste was too light and the butter layer was very very much more buttery than the lavander, which was sweeter.
The square cake on the right is fish's cake which is quite a good choice if you're paying for your own dessert cos it's really quite alot for the pirce, i think it's about 5 bucks? and it's quite a big fat piece so you can eat till your hearts content but it's quite tiring to eat the whole thing yourself. And very sweet to. I can't really remember what it tastes like though - probably not very fantastic cos if not I would have remembered it.
This isn't my dessert - it's Claire's but then it's my fave dessert which I think is quite unworth-it to buy that day cos it was $8 and really not very big. HAHA I am such a cheapskate - I recommend everyone to go and buy the ice cream tub of L'Amour Ice Cream which is absolutely yummy! The eat in L'Amour ice cream is a mere ONE scoop (quite generous) but then they top it with rose meringue and lychee bits :D Ah maybe I should go and buy a tub soon and buy a nice piece of meringue to go along with it and put in my own canned lychees .
Rose ice cream is NOT Bandung Ice cream!! The rose is much more fragrant, and it's not a syrup like bandung which is so cloyingly sweet, and it's a flavour that synthetic rose can never get cos it's so fragrant and light.This is Pok's dessert which is the Hazelnut Ice cream with Nutella Crepe (of course this isn't the atas canele name but I can't remember it already). I thought the Hazelnut Ice Cream was a bit too icy, it's probably the last bit of ice cream at the bottom of the ice cream tub which has been freezed and thawed countless of times. But nevertheless, it's hazelnut ice cream and it's one of my more favourite ice cream flavours.
This is my Mont Blanc Crepe - argh! I'm so upset with myself cos i already tried this and didn't like the taste but then I forgot and ordered it again!!!! SIGHHH. A more detailed post about the chestnut crepe here.This is the apple crepe it wasn't mine but I pinched an apple which was quite nice - it's the kind that has been cooked in sugar syrup to get that nice brown hue.Ths 15 dollar chocolate crepe looks super delicious! Next time i'm ordering this - no more Mont blanc for me!

This post has been "sponsored" by TXQ who paid for all the desserts :D Happy 22nd Birthday Super old and ahpek now stop being so childish!

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Jyoan said...

Canele's macarons are still the best I've tasted so far. But their cheesecake... *shakes head*

The Royale Chocolate is okay.