Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Macarons :D

Oh yummy! I was chomping away like cookie monster on these yummy macaroons :D
I already planned the order of which I would eat when I got home - the Lychee Strawberry first, then strawberry, followed by the green tea and lastly the chocolate :D I didn't even put them in the fridge to wait for the insides to harden (cos the weather was so hot today). Well, but I did spend time taking lots and lots of shots of them, as well as taking out my (sister's) pretty plates.

Macarons in the colours of the rainbow + chocolate :D
They're delicately crispy on the outside, soft and crumbly to bite and chewy and soft inside, with a delicious buttery layer inside.
I really liked the Lychee Strawberry one - cos they're my 2 favouriter fruits. But my fave is still the Ispahan Rose :D:D:D I like rose flavoured stuff (including Bandung)
The photos look v nice right? Cos I took out the big fat camera (it's a Canon - I like Canon Cameras!) Makes me feel like a slug cos I hardly bring out my ixus and rely on the pok hp camera which doesn't do the yummy food justice - I shall be more hardworking and bring out at least the ixus when I go to good food places!! This is my current wallpaper - just ytd night I was telling pok that i feel like I can reach into my screen and pull one out - and Pok thought I was mad but Claire was thinking the exact same thing!!!!
Yummy yummy yummy macarons in my tummy!

I got my macaroons from - it's cheaper than Canele - oh why are macarons so ex? (cos if they're cheaper I'd eat more and get diabetes!!!! hoho cofm in 5 days! yikes!!!!)


claire said...

eh its lychee ROSE not lychee strawberry la haha. Its a mini isphan tho the huge isphan looks super yummy!! Definitely gonna add them in my next order :D

FoodieGymmie said...

ya lo..why are they so ex? i thought its just merely eggwhites and sugar? but whatever it is... i like it too! bakerzinn got super BIG one... dunno how to chomp tt one

m said...

claire: oh no I thought it was strawberry - but I do remember tasting lychee :D I like pink foods even though I don't like pink colour
foodiegymmie: Macarons are ex cos they require lots of skill in making. And bakerzinn's rose ispahan is super nice! I ate that once :D You should try Canele too - they have lots and lots and lots of flavours but they're v ex.

evan said...

hey there, thx for taking nice shots of my macarons :p

f|sh said...

hahaha nice new address!

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

hello! saw ur link from another blogger. i must say u really got nice pictures! presetation v attractive! :)

oh i agree, bozzcafez sells good macarons! :)

m said...

evan: yummy macarons deserve nice shots :D
fish: haha now we shld wait for audrey to change hers to 'envy me cos my hair's beautiful'
jaimie: hello! usually im v lazy when it comes to picts - it's one of the rarer times I've got good picts. I've linked u too but my chi is so horrible I can hardly read anything (o'_'o)

Anonymous said...

I tried before too, the macarons from bossacafe is good, bt she is too stingy with the buttercream as compared to the ones sold by mad baker who offer generous dose of buttercream =p


m said...

hello saori! I haven't tried the ones from Mad Baker yet, but maybe the next time I'm having macaroon craving I will :D thanks for the recommendation.