Friday, February 15, 2008

La Fondue

This is my current fave restaurant at Dempsy! Not that i've been there enough times to say, but it's really nice! They specialise fondue, from the starter all the way to desserts. Yums! They have ala carte or set meals, and we tried 2 set meals so we had super alot of variety:D
Starter was either caesar salad or garden salad. The Caesar salad had just the right amount of dressing - unlike those where you'll be eating halfway and realise that the whole bottom part of your leaf is completely drenched and coated with too much dressing.
Our first fondue - Cheese Fondue which came with a platter of vegetables like broccoli, baby corn, carrots, asparagus and bread for dipping. Of course, the vegetable part is just to make you feel healthier while coating it in cheese. I particularly liked the mushroom cheese (maybe cos it reminds me of burger king's Mushroom Swiss burger?). It was creamy and warm, and very cheesy, with morsels of mushroom. It's exactly what you imagine your nachos topped with melted cheese to be. Obviously, the cinema synthetic nacho cheese is a far cry from this...
The chedder beer was slightly bitter, which probably explains why the mushroom cheese fondue was mopped up before it.

I thought that the bread pieces were a bit dry, and they kept breaking off annoyingly into the fondue. But once coated with the delicious cheese, it was more palatable than expected.
The next was the mains - choice of 2 meats per colum (there are 3 columns i think) in the menu. You can choose to have it on a grill (hot plate), 100% olive oil, or steamboat style. We tried lots cos we had 2 sets :D What we tried:

Lobster: We were very excited about the lobster because it was *lobster* but it was quite dissappointing and we didn't even finish it cos it was very hard and tasted nothing like lobster, please don't order this it sucks!
Crystal Prawn: Mmm like crystal jade one... according to the internet, soaking the prawn in bicarbonate solution will make it loose it's sweet prawny taste, but then it will be juicy and crystaly. It's very yummy when fried in the 100% olive oil.
Pork: I liked this cos it was sweet and sliced thinly
Chicken: Nothing special. Not really worth trying
Fish: All the fishes we tried was supberb. The lemon fish, spicy fish, cajun fish(?), salmon were all tender, fresh and juicy. Didn't want to waste them deep frying, so we used the grill. The fish here was supberb.

There were 6 dipping sauces with the mains, and the tartare sauce is really very delicious. It's very creamy.

Dessert was chocolate fondue!
It looks so glossy and decadant right? The chocolate was so rich and luxurious. We chose this one cos the milk chocolate is very sweet. This is the dark chocolate i think. It's quite sweet already! Dipping stuff - Ice cream balls, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, marshmellows, brownies and orange segments.
We also had the baileys mint chocolate fondue. But I prefered the Chocolate Oreo one. Cos it was sweeter i think. Anyway, the chocolate oreo was infront of me so i kept eating that one :)
Even though there was hardly any carbo, we were all so stuffed by the time dinner ended.
No more chocolate left!

This is how the restaurant looks like - it's quite small actually... The service is attentive and knowledgable, and our ice water was always topped up. After every course, the waiter would ask us if it suited our taste.
It's pricing is quite steep though - it's no Seoul Garden - they use good quality cheeses and chocolate so I guess you're paying for that... and the rent too.

La Fondue
01-0425 Dempsy Rd S 249670
Tel: 64740204

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