Friday, February 29, 2008

Aroy Thai

I really like Thai food, and I've found a very nice Thai restaurant which has good Thai food at reasonable prices. I've been there twice within a week already. When I go to new Thai restaurants, I will always order the Green Curry with Chicken, and Pad Thai, cos these are my two most favourite Thai dishes.This is the Green Curry with chicken. For me, a good green curry has to have the 'correct' ingredients such as cilantro, basil, eggplants, the green-coloured eggplants (which are small and round and have lots of seeds. ma-keua bprawh) and this pea-like green plant (I have just learnt that it's a specific type of eggplant called ma-keua puang). Most Thai restaurants in Singapore tend to omit the pea-like eggplant.

Aroy Thai serves Green Curry with all the eggplants. They're even so accommodating and even have the option to make the curry less spicy. The curry was slightly salty, thick with coconut milk and delicious. The chicken pieces were juicy and there was baby eggplants were well cooked and infused with the curry flavour.The pad thai had the right texture - slightly sticky and chewy. The first time I went there, it tasted really good cos there was enough fish sauce to give the pad thai its distinct smell and flavour, and it had just the right amount of tamarind paste and sugar for it to be sweet-sour. The second time I went to Aroy Thai, the taste was quite off and it was way too sweet. But at only $6.90 for an ample portion it's a steal.On this plate, there is the Poo Ja on the left and the prawn cakes on the right. The Poo Ja is crabment mixed with chicken (or pork?), marinaded and stuffed back into a crab shell. It's then deep fried to give a crispy goodness. It's served with pickled cucumber and shallots.

The Thai Prawn Cakes were thick and juicy, and went really well with the tangy-sweet plum sauce. The batter was light and crispy, and when eaten dipped in plum sauce just out of the fryer, they make you forget you're paying $3.50 per piece.This is the Stuffed Chicken Wing ($3.90)- it's sold per piece, and there is NO minimum order required. (Which is quite good, most restaurants make you get a minimum order, even those BBQ chicken wings in hawker centres - I mean, they're already bbq-ing it already so why is there a need for a minimum order?)It's completely boneless and stuffed with minced pork. The minced pork tastes likethe one in the Poo Ja. I really wonder how they manage to keep the chicken wing in that shape while frying - how come everything doesn't just disintegrate and fall into bits in the fryer? This must be the bestest way ever to eat chicken wings- no need to tacle the two bones in the wing! :DFried Seafood Rice ($6.90) which tasted somewhat like normal fried rice with seafood.Olive rice ($6.90). The olives were salty and gave the rice lots of flavour, but I didn't quite like the garlic - maybe the garlic was overcooked so it was slightly bitter.
This is the Steamed Seabass with Lime. The fish was much huger than I expected - and I was dining with my mum only so we were quite overwhelmed. But I didn't regret ordering it as it was really delicious. For $25, you'll get a large fish which is fresh, and lots of the special 'soup'. The soup has lots of lime and is sweet-sour. There's lemongrass too, if i'm not mistaken. The soup isnt too salty, and it complements the fresh, clean tasting fish. Red Ruby ($3.50 per bowl) nothing very spectacular but I kind of thought the red rubies had a rose after taste - may be my tongue playing tricks on me cos I was eating this to cool down my very very hot and painful tongue after eating all the spicy food.
Mango Sticky Rice Dessert ($10.90). It's a whole mango - ripe enough to be sweet and juicy, and yet not mushy and bruised like the overripe kind. The sticky rice was soft and chewy (not dehydrated at all) and served with a splash of coconut cream.
tThe furnishing of the place is simple, but the restaurant is very clean - no grimy floors or oily tables. And the aircon is strong enough so that the air isn't stale and heavy with food smells.

The service here was quick and attentive, and they serve cold water, which is great cos the food was a bit too spicy for me. I tried the East Coast branch, which is supposed to be the original branch.
A-Roy Thai Restaurant
81 Upper East Coast Rd, Goodwill Court Spore 455220
Tel 64430373 *Closed on Monday

109 North bridge Road #04-06 Funan the IT Mall Spore 179097
Tel 63383880


Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

i love thai food! this looks yummy! thanks for recommending! :)

Tom Aarons said...

It looks absolutely delicious. Lovely photos!