Sunday, February 10, 2008

the cathay restaurant

I've kept this post for about a week cos I wanted to show you all this cute rat custard pastry :D

Tried the Cathay Restaurant (after a year after reading a review about it... I'm super snaily and slow! But I hardly even go to The Cathay to begin with... So of course I went with my mum (cos can shua ka! yayness!) It's so ex I'm so glad I didn't venture there myself! Not that I will be going there anytime soon cos I hardly ever go there.It's quite prettily done up inside, with lots of mordern decor and the service is a notch above average. The restaurant was quite empty when we got there cos we were quite early, starting just when the restaurant opened at 6pm. My first dish was Sharks Cartilage Soup (I think it was pretty ex - about $15 per person). I think I'm a cheapo and I prefer the Hei Se Hui one better (cos it's $12.80 and milkier). This one wasn't that thick and there wasn't that funny collagen-ey texture (I don't know how to describe it properly but then your tongue feels a bit sticky after drinking the soup).This is one of my favouritest Chinese dishes ever - but it's very mordern - it's scrambled egg white and scallop with white truffle oil! <3>
I quite like the presentation (I'm a sucker for presentation as you all already figured out - that's why I can stand to go back to Macaroon even though the service is really shitty!). They used the wolfberries to make cute plant decoration. The portion is quite small and I really can't remember how much it costs >.<This is the vermicelli and scallop noodles, this little portion was $7. It was quite light and tasty, and there was egg white and some chicken broth sauce in this dish too. My description sucks!!! omggg :\This is the handmade noodles with seafood. It's the stewed kind, so it comes with sauce. I quite like the texture of the noodles, it's like ban mian, and hence it's firmer and chewier than the normal kway teow that you get. The prawns were the crystal prawns so they were nice and juicy! I just found out how to make crystal prawns!!! All along I always thought the prawns my dad buys from the market weren't fresh! But its cos we weren't cooking them properly! Haiz!
This is my dessert! It's a CNY special - Custard Rat and Peanut coated nian gao! I also tried the mango pomelo sago - nothing fantastic cos it was too watery. The only saving grace was that the mango was quite fragrant and it wasn't too sweet.
The Cathay
2 Handy Road
#02-01 The Cathay
Singapore 229233
Reservations Hotline Number : 6732 788
Tel : 6732 6623
Fax : 6732 1203

Anyway, I was reading Urban today (yes i'm very behind...), and omg! DId you know that one Bak Kwa is 370 calories!!! 1.2km burns 100 calories only! So you'll have to run like 3.6km to get rid of that misearble not even filling piece of meat!!!
And pineapple tarts are 82 calories per PIECE! Maybe the open top kind has less calories??? HAHA cos I don't even like the tart I only like the pineapple :D
And my favourite Kueh Bangkit is only 23 calories!
Omg to the ppl who ate all the kueh bangkit and the yucky mango tarts at Pok's aud****! HAHA I mean if a mango tart has the same calories as pineapple tart, then kenrick must have like over 15 tarts? and not counting Kueh Bangkits(sssssss) HAHA nvm those skinny poks need it!!!

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