Wednesday, February 20, 2008

COFM - This is NOT a food post

Me and Pok just had a pseudo cofm tys discussion
aud says: discuss the factors you would consider in assessing a 60-year-old man for fitness to drive a taxi.
aud says: then the second part is, if he has hypertension, what advice would you give him?
m says: we did tt for the om tut what
aud says: we did DM!
aud says: this is not dm excuse me =P
aud says: got other factors
m says:HAHA
m says: I KNOW
m says: you must tell him
m says: stop being so angry on the road
m says: and cutting and horning nice civillians like ME
m says: so he wont' burst an artery
aud says: yikes!
m says: and not to get stressed
m says: give way more
m says: be courteous!

yikes i really hope i dont get vivas/supps for anything this yr! I wanna go on HOLIDAY and slack around and go to the zoo to see Randall the Californian sealion, Inuka the polar bear, and the capybara (which are on display now! :D) And the white tigers too! And i want to go to the lib to borrow a billion lib books, watch tenthousand movies and pack my horrendous room.

*Disclaimer: Obviously this is not applicable for ALL taxi drivers and don't use this for your COFM answer! :P

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