Tuesday, February 26, 2008


hoho I actually heard of Frolick from another food blog (much more famous than mine, those that I visit are anyway), and being confined sadly to my house studying away (and growing old) I didn't know where it was apart from it being in Holland V (Lorong Mambong to be specific, but the whole place is lorong mambong dunno which side either...) but it's really very easy to find even though its just a hole in the wall. It's between the two Crystal Jades. Its Yami yoghurt's competitor - but it's slightly more expensive. I really like ice cream yoghurt - there should be more ice cream yoghurt places then there will be competition and it'll be CHEAPER. The cup i'm holding is Cup B (eee now that I'm blogging it it sounds quite gross, anyway it's $4.50) and it comes with one free topping of your choice. Got lots of stuff like raspberries (I chose this cos it's the most ex! One box of raspberries in Cold Storage costs like 11 bucks!!!!!), strawberries, blueberries (much cheaper than raspberries onl $5.60) etc etc

So how does the ice cream yoghurt taste? It's slightly less sourish than Yami Yoghurt - I don't know why I think of Yami yoghurt as more of a Japanese kind (even though it's not maybe cos it reminds me of yakult?) but this one is slighly runny, icy and creamy. But it is sourish like yoghurt ought to be.
Everything yummy is so expensive! Yikes!

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man! I beat u to this! =)