Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Taos - Paradiz Centre

Where can you find a 5 course set lunch + Drink + Free Flow Bread for $23 nett in CBD?

I went to Paradiz Centre for the first time in my life! Cos I always get lost at all the one way street places and then got sooo many ERP gantrys it's such a put off! and the carpark is so expensive!

But the lunch at Taos was so yummy I wanna go back again again again! And it's cheap too - about $23 nett for a six course set lunch including a drink. Obviously they aren't going to serve you prime cut meat at this price, but the overall dining experience was very enjoyable and that's why I wanna go back again.

The starter was Ham and Cheese Gratin, served with free flow of thick toast (the kind that you eat at Hong Kong Cafe with peanut butter) which is well toasted and crispy on one side and served warm.

The starter came really fast, and it goes really well with the thick toast. It's not as thick and cheesy as the kind you find in other restaurants but then for the price, I'm not going to complain. Furthermore, it wasn't laden with salt and there were little bits of ham inside.
There were a few choices for the salad - I tried the Crabmeat Salad recommdned by the waiter which consisted of peaches, crunchy cucumbers and crabmeat (the fake kind). It was very refreshing and unique - next time I ever have a lunch at my house, I shall make this :D This is the Farmer Boy Salad (or something liddat can't remember the name) which was roast chicken on a green salad.
This is the soup - we tried the western kind - Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Pumpkin. I thought the mushroom soup looked really good cos there was really alot of mushrooms inside. The pumpkin soup was quite tasty though I thought it was a bit thin.

For my main course, I chose the lamb cutlets - they were suprisingly tender and juicy, and with the simple marinade of black pepper and salt. There was a mint dipping sauce (not the mint jelly kind) to accompany the lamb.This is the pork ribs with some funny bbq sauce. It's very tender and the meat falls off the bone and it sort of reminds me like Cafe Cartel's St Louise Pork Ribs. Even though it looks like only 3 ribs, it's actually quite alot of meat.Dessert time! I ate the Yan Sheng Poached Pear (or some chinese name thing I think it's yanshang? yan shen? hmm i'm not too sure anyway, I don't even know what it is) but it's very nice and light after such a heavy meal. Hehe i'm so glad I didn't order the creme brulee, which was actually quite nice, but then it's so creamy and filling after such a heavy meal.

The drink isn't the crummy cheapo 'soft drink' kind - they actually have different teas and the teas aren't those dilma teabag - they really put in fruits and rose petals for mine! And real grapefruit etc for the rest too

On top of that, they also serve hot green tea (which is also flavoured with something but I'm not too sure what, it's some floral thing) for free.

One of the more impressive things is that even though the prices are low, the service is way above average, with friendly staff who know their menu.

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