Friday, February 1, 2008

Cherry QQ and Picanto

Incase you are thinking I'm going to blog about scrambled eggs, this is not a food post! These are eggs my lovebirds laid they're smaller than quails eggs and the nest has lots of Cherry QQ's feathers and fluff.
This is Cherry QQ (it's CheRRy QQ and not Chery QQ) who is pretending to be a featherduster. He/She will waddle back to the nest whenever I want to peer/take photos of it and fluff up and be super protective. Hope that Cherry QQ's a male cos if not the eggs won't hatch! Cos Picanto is most probably a female.
This is Picanto who is now lonely an put into a smaller cage cos Cherry QQ keeps biting her. Since her cage is so small, she must come out for exercise every 2 days.

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