Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bao Gong Fish Head

Haiz we had sooo much trouble looking for Bao Gong Fish Head Bee Hoon Coffeeshop! Cos we didn't have any idea where it was, and didn't have an address, except that it was near the market, and must cross the road?!! Anyway, we stumbled upon Sheng Xiong Supermarket (which I have never seen before, but its very cheap! It's like a supermarket-market) where we found this guy who know where BAOGONG was. The Clementi ppl kept giving us weird looks when we asked them where BAOGONG XO fishead beehoon was (o-_-o) sounds so horrible right

We ordered their famous fishead beehoon, the main reason why I went was because I wanted to go and compare it to the Commonwealth/Holland DriveXO fishhead beehoon.
We also ordered the mushroom kailan. Which wasn't very fantastic actually, and I think it was Chinese New Year so it was more expensive.
Prawn Paste Chicken. There wasn't enough prawn paste cos we could barely smell it, but the chicken was very nice, as all deep fried chicken wings are.
The much anticipated awaited XO fish slice beehoon. The XO smell was quite strong, but we all found the soup too sugary sweet for our liking. They must have put lots of sugar inside, cos the soup was really sweet. No wonder why all the diabetic patients can't eat outside food - cos there's really to much sugar inside, wanton mee also add sugar... The fish wasn't as fresh as the HV one.

Even though the XO fishead beehoon wasn't as nice as the HV one, I think this place wins hands down for the service. The boss and employers at the HV place are always so black faced and rude and grumpy! This place has happy employees.


Tel 67789301

Near Ginza plaza area

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