Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shokudo - Japanese Marche

Shokudo is a japanese Marche. I've been to Marche once, and never again. Well, we all know where this post is going to lead to, but nevermind, I shall try to make some objective reviews...Here's my not-so-oishi Grilled Chicken Chop with Omelette Tomato Rice and Lettuce Leaves. At $6.80 in this pretty ex place, it's a steal in Shokudo. The chicken chop is pretty big in size, but not on taste. Pre-cooked chicken chops are grilled to a crisp on this smoky grill with other meats such as sausages, salmon, beef etc. It tastes of nothing and the only way to make it more palatable is to add copious amounts of chilli and tomato sauce. It's cooked pretty fast despite the que - actually, I chose this dish (out of the sooooo many other Japanese 'stalls' which had ramen, sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, tempura, yakitori, Japanese Curry, etc etc) cos I thought the food was the most-worth-it in terms of value for amount of meat and portion size, as well as because (horrors of horros) - THE QUE.

THE QUE is also pretty unorganized - there are 2 lines, one for ordering, whereby right after, you will be told to 'come back in 5 min' and then when you come back, there is a collecting line. If you get back in the ordering line quick, reguardless of what time you ordered, you will get ur order quicker.

The chicken chop wasn't very good - it was pretty hard and dry and tasteless. However, the omelette and tomato rice was above my expectations - the omelette was slightly runny, and the rice (it's probably just tomatosauce and rice) tasted of tomato sauce, which saved me the trouble of putting my own tomato sauce into the egg.

This is the very expensive $5.80 mushroom omelette. Its really quite small. I think they add lots of mirin for taste so it's quite sweet.
Pumpkin soup japanese style - with lots of unidentifiable ingredients. It's quite buttery and not very thick. Homemade Cheesecake ($3.80) which was not too bad - creemy and drizzled in strawberry sauce. I wanted to try the ice cream waffle ($6.80) actually because it looks really big and nice, and it's the soft kind but then I didn't have much space left.

They charge 10% service charge and 7% GST. We're all wondering where the service is, cos other than a few people standing around to tell you not to leave your 'reservation block' (which you can leave on the table to reserve it while you go and get food) on the table and not to loose it, there isn't any thing that you can vaguely call service.
The drinks here are priced crazily. Yucks.

Shokueo is located at Raffles City B1

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