Monday, March 24, 2008


Went for Jap buffet last wk - my personal rule is not to eat more than one buffet per month! so no more buffets for March...
Minori at UE square -the parking is 2 bucks after 5pm on wkdays. super good!

blogger is being a bitch it's not letting me upload my photos! But I've already uploaded quite alot. I've been super busy the past week growing old already must sleep more more more!Go for Jap buffet must always eat sashimi! Look at the lovely fatty salmon! Actually, the first plate we ordered was a very good cut, but then subsequently, they gave us the ends (which shouldn't even be used for sashimi). When I requested that they give us a 'better cut for the next plate' the waitress actually took back the plate and gave us the fattier parts. All the subsequent plates of sashimi we ordered had the huge, orange-white-orange-white pattern. Super yummy! Hope they didn't spit in my food (very scared tt they will spit in my food when I complain). They had the usual salmon, tuna sashimi, and yellowtail (hamachi), black snapper, squid and octopus. The chawanmushi is smooth and tasty - best to be eaten during buffets cos if you get it alacarte in most restaurants, it's quite ex! Agedashi tofu (back) and hiyayakko [cold tofu] (front). Another item best eaten during buffets :P
Unagi (Eel) sushi
Some teppanyaki chicken with garlic. Its not bad though I can't remember exactly how it tastes. ont) Yummy grilled food - the shishamo (pregnant fish) was much better grilled than fried. The fried one was terrible cos it was coated with a thick layer of breadcrumbs (think katsu fillet kind) and covered with a squirt of bbq sauce - which completely ruined the taste (not to mention texture) of the fish. The grilled version is lightly salted and the eggs still have a bit of the bouncy texture.And the had other interesting things like pork neck with garlic, chicken heart, gizzards, cartilage etc. There was also grilled vegetables such as ginko nuts, eggplant, leek, Shitake mushrooms etc. The yakitori (grilled skewered chicken) was juicy and succulent, and slightly charred. Grilled quail eggs - lightly salted.From front: Tamago sushi, Chicken meatball yakitori (which I didn't really like cos the meat was very salty) and some braised salmon in a special sauce. The braised salmon was quite tasty and just cooked so it was tender juicy and flaky.Pork neck marinaded in garlic (left) and chicken heart (right). I've never tried chicken heart before but for those who haven't tried it, you're not missing anything. It's pretty tough and has a weird smell. And it's quite small too. Lucky it's a buffet or not I'd have wasted money on this. Buffets are wonderful cos I get to try lots of stuff that I won't usually try.Cucumber salad with miso paste - refreshing and good for mopping up all the free radicals from the meats! California handroll in the back. (Btw, California maki was the first sushi I ever tried)
Peach salad (behind) which had a tangy dressing which I didn't quite like (cos it was too tart) and pumpkin chawanmushi (steamed egg). It's just normal steamed egg with a layer of pumpkin puree on top.Zaru soba - skip this ! it was soggy and limp and a waste of space...
Yup so this concludes my Jap buffet :D
I'm so not an expert on Jap buffets cos I usually just go back to my usual fave one - Ikoi - but then I've been told that the Kushinbo one is very good - I shall try it next time!
The buffet dinner costs about $38.60nett per person. I suppose that you can get cheaper buffets (ie Ikoi) but the spread here is really quite good - and I didn't have a problem with the service. The place is quite new and the tables are spread fairly far apart (unlike Ikoi where you're really squashed quite close and the acoustics are terrible).
Minori Dining & Sake Bar
81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-15/16
UE Square (Shopping Mall)
Singapore 239917
Tel 67363353


claire said...

this is the one i was saying is run by an ex-Hanabi chef :) or at least tts what the newspaper said. not bad right! :)

m said...

yay even better! its quite nice but i wanna try kushibo! apparently the lunch 2hr buffet is only $19.90++ which is fantastic for me cos I eat about 1 hr full alr! :D we shld go so exciting!