Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Galbiati - Rail Mall

Rail mall has quite a few new good restaurants - and Galbiati is one of them. Actually, I visited Galbiati before I went to Sweet Salty Sour Restaurant (it was closed cos it was 4pm on a weekday). The pizzas are located at the counter facing the door, and they looked so delicious - and reminded me exactly of Da Palo Gastronomia (but with seating and dine-in).

The pizzas are the thin crusted kind, and I tried the Smoked Salmon and zucchini pizza. The pizza had a tangy and not too salty tomato base, and the salty smoked salmon tasted great. The zucchini slices offset the salty flavour of the salmon and the melted cheese was super duper yummy. Best of all, it's pretty affordable at about $6 per slice (If I remember correctly that is...). You can take it away too - which will be even better since you won't have to pay service charge.

A piece will be enough for a small eater I suppose, but for the general public, the portion is enough so that you'll have space to spend on dessert. Which is a good thing since the desserts here are quite interesting.

Galbiati has so many desserts that I spent a fair amount of time agonizing over which one to eat.

Of course, when I try a new italian restaurant, I will definitely try the tiramisu. The tiramisu is quite a small portion (but i really can't remeber how much it costs) but the marscapone cheese taste is distinct and there is a splash of alcohol - though it's not as generous as Fren(s)h's one.

I liked the Lavander Cheesecake (I love all thes herby-aromatheraphy tasting stuff). It's the heavy kind and the lavander taste (and smell) is distinct. Furthermore, paired with the decadant vanilla cream sauce, the cake was heavenly. I was quite stuffed by the time I finished my heavy cheesecake and my pizza.

They don't serve water - which is quite sad for a dessert place. HOWEVER, they made an exception and gave us a glass of warm water when we requested for it since the desserts were very sweet. If they serve water, I would really recommend going to this restaurnat - the service is above average, and the staff are knowledgable.

Galbiati Gourmet Deli

Rail Mall

400 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Tel: 6462-0926

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