Saturday, March 29, 2008

Karm Kettle Rhapsody

I like Dempsy cos there's sooo much food and it's pretty near my house and Holland Village is getting a bit boring. There's so much yummy food and restaurants in Dempsy, and the best thing of all - parking's FREE. (the cheapo me).

Today, there was a tough choice between Oosh, La Fondue, PS cafe, Jones the Grocer and Karma Kettle Rhapsody. Karma Kettle Rhapsody won cos my friend has been to PS cafe, we couldn't find Jones the Grocer (it was further in, and we parked at the wrong cluster), La Fondue was probably too ex even though they had lunch menu and Oosh was the first restaurant we went to see and we wanted to walk aroud and see other restaurants and I guess we didn't really turn back).

I got the Pie set lunch ($14.90++) which consisted of a pie (a few choices including fish, chicken tika and beef), a side salad and a soup of the day.
They have another lunch set which has other mains (like pasta) and coffee/tea for $17.90++ which is quite worth it as some of the mains are about $18. The lunch sets are only available from 12-3pm.

Soup of the day was creamy tomato soup, with a slice of garlic bread. The soup was very tomat0-ey, not too thick or runny and was served piping hot. I ordered the Ice Mocha (something liddat can't rem the name) ($7++) cos it was so hot and I wanted an ice cream in my drink :D It has vanilla ice cream, coffee and chocolate sauce. The margarita costs $6.50 though it doesn't taste very good apparently (but I didn't try it).This is my fish pie which consists of white fish of the day. There is a layer of potato and cheese on top, and a mixture of fish, mushrooms and herbs below. It's quite tasty and filling. Though I won't be trying this again (cos I don't like this kind of pies - I prefer the pastry kind). I actually wanted to order the Prawn and Truffle Oil pasta (cos I really like Truffle Oil) but then I was very hungry and didn't want to end up with a measly portion of pasta so I thought pie would be more filling. Nevermind, there is always a next time and next time I will go to the one at Cluny Court cos it's so much nearer my house. This is the "Across the English Channel" which is lots of mushrooms cooked in a herb cream sauce served with pasta. The pasta is seasoned and al dente, and the mushrooms are creamy and done to a buttery perfection. The portion of pasta is really quite big (drats, I should have ordred my Prawn and Truffle Oil pasta!)

Being the greedy people we are, we ordred one-and-a-half desserts each! Partly cos I couldn't decide between the ice cream ($4++ per scoop) or the Royal Belgian Truffle Cake ($7++)
The front one is my Banana Dulche de Leche (which I read somewhere is somewhat like the equivalent of our condensed milk) cos I wanted to try the dulche de leche. I don't really like banana but I really really wanted to try dulche de leche so I ordered this. Not too long ago either starbucks or coffeebean was having some dulche de leche but dunno why I was so incredibly busy and hiding under a rock that I never got to try it! :( well, it tastes a bit like not so sweet caramel to me and the banana taste is really strong. Tastes way better than the HL banana milk! I quite like the Dutch Lady banana milk though... and the Strawberry and the Chocolate Dutch Lady milk is very nice too!This is the Royal Belgian Truffle Cake which is nicer than the cedele chocolate truffle cake but then I think it's more ex too! I shall just let the next picture do the talking lah its quite nice but then we had diminishing returns cos we were so stuffed after the ice cream (cos the scoop was really very big, and of course you have to eat the ice cream before eating the cake cos the ice cream melts!)
ahhhh such a delicious lunch! I wanna try all the other dempsy lunch places cos lunch is so much cheaper than dinner! savemoneysavemoneysavemoney yay the end of the mth is coming soon so I can get my pocket money and I won't feel so poor! Its wonderful being a dependent! :D
The place isn't as posh as the one at Cluny Court, and the floor has SMALL TILES, which are the bane of my life but luckily it's not small tiles in the toilet (I hate small tiles especially in public toilets YUCKKKKK).

I must say that Dempsy generally has quite a high standard of service, and Karma Kettle Rhapsody is no exception. Though it was pretty quiet, there was only one main waiter serving 3 tables. However, the service was prompt and efficient, and the waiter was knowledgeble and helpful in recommendations.Karma Kettle Rhapsody in Dempsy. Yums!
I shall be kind and look for the address on my receipt, but then I doubt that the unit numbers will help much!
#26B Dempsy Road
Tel 64720221

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