Monday, March 31, 2008

Otoro Chutoro Toro

How exciting! I think it's tuna season or some other (hmm I always thought all these fatty fish were best eaten during winter...) and Iseatan has a tuna fare!
And of course, to save money, I get my sashimi fix from Iseatan (when I happen to be nearby) after 830pm cos there's 50% off most of the sushis and sashimis. Why pay more when you can get it at half price?

Of course, I took advantage of the 50% off to get myself some much loved Otoro. It's $10.50 for 5 pieces of top grade bluefin tuna! In sushi tei, they sell 2 pieces of otoro sushi for a whopping $18 bucks!

Otoro is the highest grade of bluefin tuna, and in a humongous bluefin tuna (which apparently can grow up to the size of a baby elephant??!!) there's only a tiny portion at the belly, near the head which is considered as top grade tuna - the Otoro part.
Look at the pale pink flesh and delicious marbeling? It doesn't even look like it comes from a fish. The tuna is firm and when you bit into it, it's juicy and you can taste the buttery fish oils and the whole piece melts in your mouth and slides down your throat. Yum! Of course, owing to this being a 'luxury' I try to prolong the melting and sliding part...
Hope all the omega-3-fatty acid can help me in my upcoming end of posting test!One grade down from otoro is Chutoro. This comes from the underbelly of the bluefin tuna too, but it comes from the further back part of the belly. So it has less fat. But it has much much more fat than the normal deep red tuna (akami) that you find at conveyer belt sushi places.Toro just means any part of the tuna belly. One of my favouriter sushis is the Negiritoromaki, which is minced toro mixed with a bit of spring onion and wrapped up in rice rolls. It's really tasty and delicious and not as ex as otoro/chutoro.

No more akami for me!
For more information on toros, click here and here

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