Monday, April 7, 2008

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant - Shaw Centre

There's this Teochew restaurant that my family used to go to very often but we stopped going for about a year. We went back recently and so I got to take photos of some of the chinese food that I like (which isn't many). Actually, this isn't very Chinese, but it's one of my more fave dishes here. It's lobster noodles with butter sauce ($12.80++). The noodles are a bit like the wanton noodles, but who would have thought that wanton noodles went so well with butter sauce and lobster. The butter sauce is fragrant and super rich, and it coats the egg noodles and goes really well with the sweet lobster. Super artery clogging and yummy!My favouritest Teochew dish ever, braised goose and tofu. It's softer than duck, deboned for your convenience and doused in lots of marinade. No wonder why the farmer killed the golden goose - they taste so good.Bamboo clams ($8 per piece) steamed with chilli and garlic. They're lightly marinaded and the clams are tender, sweet and juicy. Best of all they're very easy to eat cos there's so much meat in one.This is boxthorn (some type of vegetable which looks a bit like spinach) with three kinds of egg. Hmm I'm getting tired so I shall just be lazy and post photos. "Fried mee pok" which is called something like Fried Teochew Flat noodles with prawn and vegetables or something in the menu.

This place has pretty good dimsum for lunch, but do make a reservation if you don't want to que. They unfortunately, charge for water and tea, but I don't know how much cos I've never paid the bill.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant
1 Scotts Road
#02-18 Shaw Centre
Tel: 6235-9088

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