Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breeko Breakfast - Holland Village

This is my really unhealthy Breeko Breakfast I had a while back (when I was free-er). It was a tough choice between Coffee Bean (which lost cos they just increased their prices) and Provence (no seats, and we didn't want to wait) so we went to Breeko (which wasn't on top of our list cos of the slow service - they're understaffed I think? or maybe they just make everything fresh! :P)

Anyway, their breakfast menu is quite extensive, all the way from healthy yoghurt to those 'light' options with low carb, to my quite huge breakfast to an even huger one with pancakes.

I think my breakfast cost $7.50 (or something like that). I got creamy scrambled eggs (its better than the Coffeebean one cos it's creamier and slightly wetter), a sunny side up, 2 chicken chipotle sausages, bacon, a muffin, baked beans and a tomato. This is some 'Peter Pan' (cake) breakfast - a bit similar to Mac's Hotcakes, just with sausages and a sunny side up egg. The pancakes, suprisingly, were quite good! I really don't know how people make pancakes cook so even! Like when I ever make them they're a bit browner in the middle and at very pale at the sides - not a nice homogenous brown like the outside kind! T-T
Pseudo-sausage egg mc muffin (minus the Mc, of course) and yoghurt. I dunno how much this costs though.

Holland Village
Opposite Gelare

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