Saturday, April 26, 2008

Seah Street Deli

Ok I shall faster write this post so that I can do my next post which is super exciting!!!! Pardon the anyhow write disjointed sentences...
For some reason, American Diner Theme is quite popular - Billy Bombers always comes to mind first cos they're really starting chains everywhere (I'm quite ok with the food there and I like their special red potato salad). Then there's Hog's Breath Cafe at Holland V (haven't visited the others though).

I keep comparing Seah Street Deli to Billy Bombers - Just that it's a posher version. I always associated Raffles Hotel with terrifying sky high pocket burning prices but to my pleasant suprise, the prices at Seah Street Deli are not as exorbitant as you would expect. Its a very informal deli, and it reminds me exactly of Billy Bombers, probably cos I hardly go to these American Theme restaurants. This is the Baked Potato Skins (It's about $8 or $9, cant really remember) which were nothing to rave about - quite tasteless actually. It comes with cheddar cheese and bacon bits, and of course, doused in sour cream. I thought it was pretty bland, and it probably is cos I don't really like my food too salty.
Lamb Shank ($18.90++) Very tender, flavourful melt in your mouth meat and very worth it considering that Secret Recipe's very scrawny lamb shank is alr around $16, this one is sturdier (must be a larger sheep) and the 'Buffet Monster' said it was very filling. This is something that Ah Pok and I shared - one's called the Monte Carlo, and the other one's the Bookmaker (both $16.50++ each) but I can't remember which one's which. Just that the one on top (with the pink sauce in the cupcake foil) tastes yummier! It's french toast with lots of shaved turkey ham and bacon. The pink sauce is a creamy, sweet sauce which doesn't taste like any other sauce I've eaten but it goes really well with the saltiness of the turkey bacon. Both sandwiches come with a side of either coleslaw, potato salad or fries. This is the not so nice sandwich - it's quite ok just that compared to the french toast one, it's much harder and drier, and doesn't have the yummy pink sauce. It's pretty salty cos it's really packed with lots of turkey ham.
This is the Elvis Burger, which I didn't try so I can't say much...
I quite liked the place cos it's casual and the service was quick and efficient, and they kept filling up our water glasses.
Seah Street Deli
Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road
Tel: 6337 1886
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday - 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays - 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

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deslucent said...

seah street has a 7-layered chocolate cake... insanely good