Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Harry's Bar - $12.90 Set Lunch

Harry's Bar offers a simple 3 course set lunch for $12.90 nett. It's actually not bad considering that it's restaurant service. The set lunch includes a soup or salad, main and either dessert or a soft drink.
The salad comes with sauce on the side (it's thousand island), a variety of leaves (not just iceberg lettuce but all the rocket, baby spinach etc etc) there's also a few pieces of strawberries, olives and feta cheese. Quite impressive considering that this is a cheap set lunch.For the mains that day, there was a choice of salmon, tenderloin, pasta or sandwich.
I tried the Panfried Salmon with mashed potato. It was quite dry, but then the portion was big and it was lightly marinaded and well presented. For $12.90, I'm not expecting much.
This is the beef sandwich - toasted bread and fries. The portion is quite good considering the price.

Tenderloin - this one looks the best but do keep in mind that meat cuts aren't the best ones around, but it's still edible.
A simple scoop of vanilla ice cream, but nonetheless, they took pains to dress it up and it ends this meal on a sweet note!

It's a pretty nice place if you want to get a nice sit down meal and a conducive place to chat.
I think most Harry's Bars offer this set luch but I'm not too sure, the one that I tried was in Novena Square.

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