Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Long House - Deep Fried Chempadak

I went to Long House in the not so recent past and realised how unelightened I am. For my whole 21 years out of which nearly all are spent in Singapore I have never tried deep fried chempadak even though I eat goreng pisang (fried bananas). It's not very suprising - cos I only tried the usual 'breakfast' half boiled eggs with soya sauce and pepper in JC (culture shock maybe cos my sec sch was too atas to serve that kind of breakfast esp if you think about all the E.coli).
But this is a more devastating blow to me because I really like jackfruit and chempadak - I never knew that something yummier than the whole fruit or ice cream or jackfruit juice existed till now!
Just think of lovely ripe chempadak full of the wonderfully aromatic deep fried to a warm golden glob wrapped up in a delicate light batter. The batter is very light and crispy - not like those which overwhelm the fruit -and the chempadak is smooth and creamy, very sweet and warm.

It's so yummy that after buying one piece, (and 2 goreng pisangs), I went back to get 3 more and then another 2! It's about 60 to 80 cents a piece, depending on the size.

Haiz I want to find a good deep fried chempadak place near my house - Long House is so far away.
Anyway, I also tried some other foods at Long House - The duck rice, black chicken herbal soup, and the hokkien mee. I really don't like the hokkien mee it's the very gooey dry oily kind and it has the thin beehoon noodle instead of the fat beehoon noodle which I like. The chicken rice was not bad but I won't be going back anytime soon - furthemore, the parking's terrible and it's quite far from my house. I'm such a lard at travelling...

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