Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gurkha Palace Restaurant

Any place with such a unique name deserves special mention on my blog:D Thanks to my hungry friends who like exploring new areas...

Ghurka Palace Restaurant serves Nepalese and Northern Indian food. I've never tried Nepalese food before so we ended up trying 3 Nepalese dishes between the 4 of us.

Best of all, it's CHEAP! Quite cheap for restaurant standard and great food. The naan - butter or plain - costs only $1.50! I might not be very enlightened in this area but $1.50 for naan in a restaurant is pretty cheap - I've only very recently found out that I've been getting ripped off for naans and curries at all those Indian restaurants.

The saddest thing is that I don't have the receipt (and it's cos someone LOST it! D:<) so I have no idea what the dishes are called cos they're all called some exotic thing! Rarh! But, I will try in my best ability to describe the delicious Nepalese dishes (even though my food vocab is rather limited).

Top left: Nepalese chicken curry (unknown name) which tastes like butter chicken - it's tangy, slightly creamy and bursting with flavour. For about $7.50, it's a good sized portion and the chicken morsels are tender and juicy. There's also ample gravy to mop up with the naans.

Top Middle: Nepalese Vegetable Curry (about $6)
Its peas, carrots and cauliflower simmered in a thick curry sauce, which is also slightly creamy and a bit spicy. All the dishes smell very good cos of the Indian spices.

Top Left: Nepalese Spicy Mutton (can't remember the price)
Aromatic pieces of lamb cooked in a spicy oily sauce. I found it too spicy but then again, my chilli tolerance is quite low.

This is my very unique and cool ice cream - recommended by the waiter it's some home made ice cream (not sure if its Indian or Nepalese) but when I asked him if it was like Kulfi, he was like "no no no no no no no not like kulfi!". He was quite appalled that I thought it was like Kulfi, and this made me want to try it even more - sadly, the only "Indian" type of ice cream I know is kulfi.

It's a very creamy milk ice cream topped with this thick milky (a bit like condensed milk but thicker and I think there's some finely ground nuts or something inside cos it's as a coarse texture) layer and chopped almonds. It's $3.50 for a good sized portion (can share with 2 people).

The saddest thing is that the service isn't up to standard, but for the price, it's really good. I have have no inkling why the Chinese woman boss refused to give us the NETS discount - there's a 15% off if you pay by NETS (there's a huge sign outside) but then even after we specifically told the waiter that we wanted to pay by nets, the boss still credit-carded it. After that, she refused to void it and insisted that we paid by credit card @~%$>&*!!! If you don't wanna give the discount, then don't give lor!!!! Why bother even advertising just hide the sign somewhere we'll be none the wiser... This really makes me feel like hiding the restaurant name, address and tel phone number somewhere but the food's really good! :(

Ghurka Palace Restaurant
51 Chander Road
Tel: 6292 4316

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