Monday, April 14, 2008


Look at the lovely glistening roe, uni (sea urchin), shredded crab and succulent scallops!
Ah Im backlogging madly and I have no time to blog (until I got inspiration by the news that my 'food mecca' blog has linked me! Go figure...) so I have decided to once again start blogging more regularly and stop being procrastinat-ish and lazy.

This is the Seafood Don (or Chirashi Don or something like that I really can't remember the name it's $25++). I was a bit weary about the freshness so I went to the extent of asking the waitress to help me check if the uni (sea urchin) was fresh. I had a really bad experience with bitter uni (stale and diarrhoea-like uni in a restaurant I shall not mention but it was much cheaper than this...).

The uni was sweet, wobbly and delicious, and melted into a sweet puddle of very expensive liquid uni coating on my tongue!
And the scallops were sweet (it's so wonderful how seafood tastes sweet) and smooth. I think the best way to eat scallops is raw - no steamed-with-garlic nonsense (but I don't mind grilled with gooey cheese yums! For the not so fresh ones of course!)

The uni and scallops were so wonderful that I can't even remember how the crab and roe tastes like - but roe isn't one of my most fave things...

This is what my brother ate - some beef udon thing but of course, I'll strongly recommend the seafood don:D

The interior is very woody - I don't know what kind of wood but it smells like Ikea to me (makes it more Jap if you think of those Ryokans and wooden stuff...). The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgable. If you make a booking, you'll probably get to have the brilliant river view, but since we walked in that day, we got the next to the entrance shopping mall view.

I'm finding more and more places more expensive than Akashi! Shrinking wallet!


6 Eu Tong Sen Street


The Central @ Clarke Quay

Tel: 6534 8001

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