Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ah Wok with Ah Pok & Friends @ St James

This is the resident photowhore Ah Pok, who is always trying to get into my photos (when shes around). See how she's happily and shamelessly posing with the empty claypot? of course, the other friends didn't want to be taken photo of...
While walking around Vivo one day, I recieved this flyer which said St James had a new restaurant (it's not so new now cos this happened some time back). It was advertising the Korean BBQ, and being the night birds that most students are, we decided to try it cos we were running out of supper places to try.

Like all other supper places, there's a premium for such late night food - but then the food tastes good and it's a restaurant with very importantly, AIRCON. It's getting so hot and June isn't even here yet.
This is my fave dish - Pumpkin Porridge with Century Egg. I think it's about $8? it comes in a claypot so it stays warm longer. The 5 other ppl I went with think it's too bland, but I think it's just right. Maybe cos my family's cooking is bland. It's a very huge portion - 2 people can eat one bowl, and there's delicious youtiao too. But I think that porridge is v nice to eat when you're nice and cool at night - super sleep inducing.
This is my Sliced Fish Hor Fun. It comes wrapped in a banana leaf. For $12++ bucks, there's a sufficient amount of fish for 2 people (which is fresh) and noodles for 1. I suppose it's their way for trying to justify the price cos in normal tzechar stalls it's $12 for a big plate of san lau hor fun. Nevertheless, there's the nice oily wok taste and crunchy beansprouts. Tzechar food at restaurant price in restaurant atmosphere at odd hours - I think it's quite justifies the price.

Hot Plate egg tofu ($10++). I think it's not bad price for hot plate tofu since it's a supper restaurant - and it's a good amount and tastes great.The tofu is just cooked to a wobbly goodness and it's full of healthy vegetables, minced meat and of course, omelette at the bottom.
Pig Trotters - I don't really like eating this dish cos it's full of fat (which I don't like the taste of) but I ate a bit of the meat and I like the sauce - it's slightly vinegary and yet a bit sweet and the cashewnuts give it a nice crunch. This is the Tau Suan with Coconut Ice Cream - $4.50. It may seem like a very queer combination to mix the hot tau suan with cold ice cream - but it's actually quite good cos you can faster faster eat it and not have to wait so long for it to cool down:D The tau suan is done the way i like it - slightly more soupy than pasty, and with a clear fluid (I really don't like the cloudy kind).

There's also a Korean BBQ (which was what I initially wanted to try ) but it closes at 12midnight cos you'll be bbq-ing till 3! haha actually no, it's a joke the staff told us. They're full of knowledgeable staff and so you're sure to get good recommendations and your water filled quick.
Slight digression: My parent's friends are so appalled/intrigued by St Jame's Gay Night on Sunday. It's quite funny looking at their reactions! Go and try it on your parent's friends! Very fun to watch their reactions!!

Ah Wok
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