Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nectarie le'Dessert Patisserie

Tried Nectarie quite long ago but then didn't have the chance to blog about it till now. It's another of those dessert places which sell tiny well presented cakes with slightly above average prices.I was feeling indulgent after eating a very healthy dinner it Isshou (at The Central). I ordered a Waffle with Alfonso Mango and Lemongrass, and added a scoop of Honey Lavander Ice cream. I quite liked the ice cream cos it was quite a large scoop, and the flavour was light and refreshing. It's a great change from the normal vanilla chocolate strawberry ice creams. The alfonso mango was sweet and tangy, and the lemongrass taste and smell went very well with the juicy mango. The waffle was freshly made and smelt delicious. Ahhh I feel like eating it again! (But it's so ex and im trying to save money!!! sighh!)This is another waffle with Jack Daniels Ice Cream. The ice cream is very yummy and the alcohol taste is really strong. And it goes really well with the generous amount of strawberries. The next time I visit I shall go and get a Honey and Lavander Ice cream waffle with strawberries topped with chocolate sauce. I think the waffle is about $13+ with ice cream and fruits. This is the Raspberry Chocolate dessert (can't remember the exact name) which has a mousse-like chocolate with a little hint of raspberry. I think it was about $6? Not too sure cos this wasn't my dessert though I koped some. But it wasn't really fantastic - maybe cos my waffle was so delicious!
This is some chocolate dome thing I shared but there was diminishing returns cos I was so stuffed from dinner plus the waffle (which was very yummy indeed!) I really can't remember how it tastes so it can't be that fantastic I guess. it's about $6.
I would rate the service as slightly below average cos the staff is nowhere to be found most of the time, and believe it or not they didn't have enough cash to break a $50 note for us - considering how late it was they must have really poor business if they didn't even have much cash in their register.

Nectarie le'Dessert Patisserie
Address:3C River Valley Road #01-05 The Cannery, Clarke Quay
Tel: 6305 6728

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