Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweet Secrets

Pardon my tablecloth...I'm an ardent supporter of Sweet Secrets cakes - have been eating them since primary school. They're reasonably priced - $22 for 600g, $36 for 1kg and tastes as good as some more expensive branded/hotel cakes, to me at least. Best of all, they taste fantastic - good enough to rival most other chocolate cakes. If I remember correctly, it used to be $18 for 600 g when I was still in Sec school... but I shan't be like those older people who lament so much about how their 5 cent bowls of noodles have been inflated into $3 bowls... hehe incase you're wondering why this is small it's to make it harder to read hehehe
Aiya! I just realised that my cake has all the candles! So much for trying to be forever 21! HAIZ!! (and Claire, thanks for not putting my age - guess that this is the nicst pict of my cake cos it doesn't have the ugly tablecloth).
Though it looks pretty unappetising here cos it's all melting and wet (cos it survived the long journey back and I cut it straight away without letting it chill in the fridge) picture of my half melted Etoile cake. Basically, it's a half mousse half sponge cake. The top most layer is a layer of rich bittersweet chocolate, dusted with chocolate powder. The underlayers below is a mixture of spongy chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. It's fantastic chilled (just ate some from the fridge just now) and taste very chocolatey, moussey held together in a cake shape by the sponge.

Do note that there is a little alchohol inside (but you can't taste it).

My cake is the Etoile, which is chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge, and I've also tried the Concorde (chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge and chocolate meringue) which I find too sweet but it's quite popular. They also have a Chocolate Royal which sounds pretty interesting - chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge and hazelnut crunch.

Sweet Secrets
9 Bishan Place
#B1-10 Junction 8
Tel 63534714

Other branches - Upper THomson Road, Serangoon Gardens, Great World City, International Plaza.


ice said...

yeah...Sweet Secrets cakes are the best when I crave something chocolate, simple and nostaglic. I like the Etolie and Concorde too. =)

ladyironchef said...

ah.. i was thinking where i saw sweet secrets before. At thomson! haha. but somehow i never though of giving their cakes a try before. lol!