Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everything with Fries

Yikes just realized that the last time I updated was Sunday! And the wkend's rolling around again! Don't know how I'm going to maintain this blog once I start working (which is hopefully, next year) cos after 4 wks of experiencing pseudo-working life, I've realized that all I want to do is to go home and vegetate and sleep.

Everything with Fries is a little 1 mth old restaurant located in Joo Chiat (next to Obolo). It's opened by the same people that run Awfully Chocolate (can see the similarity in the names).
One Egg Soup ($3.90++) which has a deep fried fluffy batter in a creamy looking soup. The soup doesn't taste as creamy as it looks, and has a slight sourish taste. Reminds me a bit of the taste that chinese cooking wine gives food. I didn't quite like the soup, but perhaps its cos I don't like my fried food soaking in soup and making my soup oily.Their speciality - the lamb burger ($9.90++)
The lamb patty is nice and thick, not as juicy as I expected, but it's well marinated. The lamb taste is rather strong, so those people who dislike the lamb smell, dont order this. It comes with a dollop of herb cream cheese, which goes well with the tomato salsa and sauteed onions. The bun is slightly sweetish, and comes nicely toasted and buttered.

You get to choose 1 type of fries and 1 type of veggies (coleslaw or caesar salad) with your main. I had the Caesar salad side, which came with their house-made croutons (one of the better croutons I've tasted. Perhaps it's cos they bake their bread themselves, so they use the excess to make croutons?) and the Caesar salad dressing has the nice anchovy taste. My only gripe was that there were so few leaves - but then again, for the $9.90 price, it's still value for money.

For the mains, there's a choice of 5 types of fries - namely the original, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion and garlic and herbs. There's a choice of shoestring (skinny cut, like Mac's) or straight cut (thick) fries.

Between the 3 of us, we managed to try 3 different kinds of fries.
I personally think the sour cream and onion tastes the best - it's powdered sour cream which reminds me of Aunty Annie's Sour Cream Pretzel, or the Pringles Sour Cream Potato Chips.
I had the Garlic and Herbs, which wasn't really garlicky (there was a clove of garlic) or herby, and the Salt and Vinegar fries.
Pork Cutlet Sandwich ($8.90++)
I don't really like breaded deep fried stuff, but I koped a bit of my frien's pork Cutlet sandwich so that I could write a review;p I don't like breaded stuff cos I find the breadcrumbs too pokey - and sometimes it'll poke into my gums or the insides of my cheeks. The Pork Cutlet is very juicy and oily, and comes with a creamy tangy sauce (I think it's mayo mixed with something?) The coleslaw is pretty good - they use lots of purple cabbage too (though I still rather have Caesar Salad).
They have some other non-burger mains, like Breaded salmon and grilled pork chop (mains range from $8.90-$14.90).
Their very popular nutella tart ($4.90++)
I won't call this a nutella tart cos I couldn't really taste nutella taste, and I detected nutella mostly in the sauce. The nutella/chocolate filling is rather eggy and custard-like, and the tart base is made from Oreos (I think). So it's like a triple chocolate mega-overload. Its very heavy, and very sweet. There's an option for adding a scoop of ice crem for and additional $1.80
The pear tart ($4.90) has a flakey tart base, and is also rather sweetish. It's rather thin width wise though. The interior is simply done, clean looking and their service is pretty quick and efficient (we went on a wkday, so it was pretty empty till about 8) and they serve ice water (major plus!)
Will be giving this 3/5 stars - cos the food's very affordable, but not something that I'll trudge all the way to the east for. But I won't mind dropping by if I'm in the area.

Thanks to Pam for her recommendation!

Everything with Fries
458 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: +65 6345 5034


ice said...

No worries dear, your pacing is just fine. Updating everyday or other is just diluting the blog.

The burger bun looks like a bun I think I would like.

m said...

the bun's not bad. I want to try handburger - walked past and saw their delicious looking burger buns all sitting in the display shelf:D

Little Mollie said...

Went there once, the staff says photo taking of the food is not allowed when i take out my camera. So never go again...

m said...

Hi Little Mollie, they did't say anything when I was taking photos. Perhaps they've changed their restaurant policy since then :(