Thursday, February 3, 2011

Freshness Burger - Spam Burger

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Readers! I know I've missed New Years and Christmas :(

Next post up will be the obligatory lo hei dinner post :D And after that, hopefully I will stop procrastinating and start on my Pamplemousse post!Had the Spam Burger from Freshness Burger (after a positive experience, and after checking out a couple of blogs and finding that most people who tried it enjoyed it). At first sight, I thought my eyes were deceiving me cos the bun was white and coated with sesame seeds but I distinctly remembered the chicken teriyaki burger had a soft yellow bun! Fret not cos the teriyaki chicken burger really has a different bun from the spam burger.

The Spam Burger has a pan fried thick piece of spam (aka Luncheon meat) sandwiched between their signature juicy tomato slice (big sweet and red) and a sunny side up egg. In the other blogs that I checked out, they had runny yolks which looks so delicious - imagine the golden yolk oozing over the spam and dripping onto the burger - makes me feel like eating one right now. Perhaps it was cos I had takeaway so my egg wasn't runny anymore?

The spam makes the burger really delicious especially when coupled with a warm fried egg and cottony soft buns. Somehow unhealthy food tastes so good - perhaps it's cos it's a rarity? There's also a bit of mayo with the shredded cabbage at the bottom so the whole burger is nice and moist. I liked how they used cabbage instead of lettuce cos the lettuce would just soak up all the oil and turn translucent and gross. The cabbage still retains it's crunchiness and adds texture to the burger.

Of course, I had these with my Kiwi Mix Protector ($4.90) in hopes of its antioxidants clearing out the junk I've been eating, just because it has real fruits blended in ;p I still stand by my avocado salad ($3) which comes with nice ripe diced avocado, minced onions and cucumbers, with a dash of what I think is Tabasco for some zing.

The coleslaw on the other hand is very unremarkable - the corn is sweet and juicy but the dressing lacks a punch and it's only shredded cabbage and corn and isn't particularly tasty.

I also decided to clog up my arteries with the onion rings (highly recommended by atetoomuch) and I had no regrets. Whole onion slices deep fried in a light airy batter (think the kind of batter that comes with beer battered fish and chips, minus the beer). Though my only complaint is that the portion is rather small and after popping what seems to be a few of these onion rings in, you'll realized that you're through the packet before you know it.

Freshness Burger
2 Tampines Central 5
#01-37 Century Square
Singapore 529509
When I was working today, I had one extremely nice incident and another unpleasant thing happening to me. I was so touched by the first one and it really made my day:D
The other one was this filthy liar b*tch (and it's not the female dog I am talking about) that I was unfortunately working with previously who I again had the misfortune of interacting with today. Of course, what goes around comes around ;) We shall have to wait and see;P

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