Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nanjya Monjya

I've been told my blog is dying - not that I haven't been happily going out to eat very often, it's just that I've been too lazy to edit my photos and to upload all of them!
Went to Nanjya Monjya for dinner a while back - don't go there if you've got somewhere to go after dinner cos you'll end up stinking of okonomiyaki tho!Basically, Nanjya Monjya is an okonomiyaki place, specialising in all these pancake like things. I really liked their okonomiyaki whcih had cabbage, bits of the preserved ginger, chives, egg and potk belly. The batter is light and fluffy and the okonomiyaki is one of the best I've had in Singapore. At the end of it, there's the brown okonomiyaki sauce and lots of japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes to pile onto your okonomiyaki. You can either DIY if you're an expert but being the noobs we were, we got the waitress to cook everything for us in fear of burning and destroying the food.
This is their Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き) which is this messy wet batter cooked over the pan. It still remains a wet mess after cooking. To eat, use the tiny metal spatula to scrape off parts of the wet mess - a thin layer of brown 'skin' will form at the bottom of the batter which I suppose, is the equivalent of the burnt rice layer in claypot rice? The monjayaki we got was the seafood one and though it was quite enjoyable watching the preparation, I'd rather stick to my usual okonomiyaki. Yaki soba with seafood - the high class version of the yaki soba you see at Takashimaya food court and Ion's food court. More meat and vegetables though I think I still prefer the okonomiyaki than this.
Their tofu with cheese and mentaiko (cod roe) was creamy and delicious though it's not a very unique dish and I could easily find it elsewhere.
On the first photo collage there's a picture of the daikon salad ($9++) which I really liked - it's strips of daikon in a tuna and mayo dressing with bits of other vegetables. The daikon is really juicy and very refreshing to eat especially since it's served very chilled. I would highly recommend this salad since I haven't seen it being served elsewhere (not that I have been looking very hard...)

I also had the Calpis Chu which is calpis (one of my favourite drinks!) mixed with plum wine. Though I must say that the combination tasted like medicine.... Will stick to my usual calpis drink (I love the calpis rich which is even milkier than the normal calpis!)

Pricing wise, it's not that cheap with each dish costing around $20 or so and it's not particularly filling either. Though I must say that it's really a nice experience pretending that I'm back in Japan eating okonomiyaki ;)

Nanjya Monjya
390A Havelock Road
#01-03/05, Waterfront Plaza Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
Tel: +65 6738 7177

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Anonymous said...

just saw ur review today. I think the food is alright not very awful or fantastic. but the service is bad. got this feeling like we are chinese and they dun serve to standard unlike other japanese customer. took like 20 min before someone come to help us with the cooking. and I told said to my friend look, the Japanese lady will not cook for us. indeed a china lady came and serve us. are we chinese lower class than them?