Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Riverside Indonesian BBQ

The grilled chicken set from this small stall at 313 somerset was surprisingly nice. According to the sign in front of the stall, they use only fresh chicken and it's grilled using this machine then dipped into a sweetish saltish black sauce. Saw quite a few people eating this dish so decided to try it ( or rather, my mum ate it and I pinched some from her).
The chicken thigh was nicely tender and juicy and I suppose there is mass appeal as the sauce is salty and sweet. The steamed white rice is drenched in fragrant coconut curry and there's a few pieces of fried omelette.
Not bad but I'm not a rice person (unless it's in sushi) so I doubt that I will be coming back specially for this. Furthermore the seating in 313 food area is rather scarce and it took a while to get a seat even at the odd hour of 230pm.

Somehow I am craving for cucumber sandwiches ++++ now. Tragic since I'm on call and there will be not a cucumber (much more a cucumber sandwich) in sight until after lunch Tmr. Can't wait to get myself a neat little pile of cucumber sandwiches tmr!!

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