Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pamplemousse Weekend Brunch

I've been wanting to blog about Pamplemousse for the longest time but I haven't gotten around to doing it cos I've never been in the mood somehow... just like how I've never gotten down to packing my horrendous room even though it's nearly 1 year since I've started work!! Can't seem to throw away all my old stuff....

And another thing is that I have to be in a 'chatty' mood before I do all my blog posts and have no one to talk before I am compelled to blog... I suppose this is a chatty mood of mine (at around 1030pm on a weekday and being severely sleep sleep deprived makes me slighly more rambly tho). Pardon the lighting - the restaurant had a combination of both daylight and the lightbulb light so I didn't get the lighting settings rignt on my camera until after I munched down my bread. I've recently taken a liking to baguettes, which I previously used to avoid like plague - somehow I'm now able to appreciate the crusty exterior and cottony soft interior... Under the bell shaped glass is the butter (good quality and very fragrant!). In fact I had 2 pieces of bread and had to resist getting the 3rd cos it was so yummy!

I had this Baked Eggs in Cocotte ($22++) which came with foie gras (yum!) and truffle salt (another yum!) which are 2 of my more favourite things in life... The bread somehow didn't do the eggs justice cos they were buttery and sweet at the same time and a bit too sweet for my liking.

The pool of black/brown stuff is actually the lovely oils spewing out from the foie gras. Though it was a tiny piece and cos it was baked it didn't have the nice crispy exterior, it's oils and juices infused their delicious flavour into the eggs...

It's actually very tiny but filling cos it's cream based and I was rather full by the end of it (and the breads that I ate)...

Just a random thought - I've gone to Cocotte (the restaurant at Wanderlust hotel) and it was great (though I'd rather go back to Artichoke...) but I haven't shrank and edited the photos...
Soft Boiled Egg ($15++) which came with pureed porcini mushrooms, oyster mushrooms (pureed too), parmesan foam and truffle oil
Probably one of the most expensive soft boiled eggs I've eaten (usually get those in the morning 'breakfast set' along with hot milo and 2 pieces of kaya toast for $2) but this soft boiled egg comes with truffle oil and being the biased person I am, I will like nearly everything with truffle oil. Another thing to note is that they use proper chives (which are expensive locally) and not spring onion.
For dessert, we had the Crepes ($11++) which came with Nutella (another thing that can easily win me over anytime!) home made milo ice cream (my favourite drink the morning), and chantilly cream (fancy name for vanilla cream). I liked the milo powder thing at the side (which also had a fancy name that I cannot remember). I think I would have gladly swapped the chantily cream for another scoop of milo ice cream - the scoop was rather skinny and not enough to eat with 2 pieces of crepes...
Pamplemousse is a really nice place to chill and have a slow Sunday Brunch... I'm dying to try their lunch but my previous attempts have been thwarted as work ended late (their last order for lunch is at 2pm on weekdays).
Blk 7 Dempsey Road, #01-04
Tel: +65 6475 0080

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FOooOOoOOOO said...

didn't like pamplemousse. small portions. big prices. and poor knowledge. i can't believe they didn't know what POACHED eggs are. it's NOT an over-cooked half boiled egg. GRRRRR!!!!!

plus... the bread was over buttered like you said.

love artichoke. should i fly back so we can go together? :P