Thursday, January 6, 2011

Freshness Burger at Nex

Hello everyone! I've been MIA-ing again but I'm actually free-er now with more regular working hours even though I feel like someone has suddenly pressed the 'slow motion' button on my life! It's a morning crawl around instead of a heart pumping adrenaline surge in the morning(which I much prefer!). And on top of that I feel redundant! and like I haven't moved around in eons even though it's been only 3 days and my day feels uberrrrrrrr long! Hopefully it stays this way so I can slowly sink back into a nice relaxed mode which I have not been doing for the past 8 months.

Here's another post on food I ate during my end of December annual leave. I ventured North to try the much raved about Freshness Burger from Japan. Prior to this, there weren't many Japanese burger joints. My teriyaki chicken burger ($4.50) which is really better than Mos burger's. The serving is rather small (the bun is definitely of a smaller diameter than the usual burgers from BK and Macs) but the bread has the nice bakery smell and has a nice yellow hue.
The chicken isn't over salted (I tend to find food from most Japanese chains too salty) though it is rather thin widthwise.
I suppose that I like the burger bun more than the filling, but then again, since I don't eat beef, the bun is usually the main draw and then the filling secondary.
I had the Kiwi Mix Protector ($4.90) which is also the most expensive drink on the menu. I asked the counter staff if it was made from fresh fruits and she said yes - so hopefully all those antioxidants in the kiwi and pineapple will negate those generated by my burger. It's quite refreshing and has little bits of kiwi seeds which get stuck in my teeth. It's even more expensive than my burger...
I also had the Avocado Salad ($3) which is really nice and refreshing - the tomatoes are the nice mega large juicy kind (see the thick red piece in the burger below) and they are even skinned. The avocado is slightly mushy and the Christmassy combination of green avocado and red tomatoes are topped with chopped fresh shallots and a dash of spicy sauce. I think they go really well with the burger and I ate half of it as it was, and another half over my burger.
The Freshness Burger ($4.50) has a beef patty and some chilli sauce as well as their picture perfect juicy red tomato. Can't comment on this since I didn't eat it.
One gripe is that the burgers are really much more pricier - the pricing above is for the burger alone with no fries. I didn't manage to try the fries which are supposed to be really good cos they're made from Hokkaido Potatoes.

Freshness Burger
Serangoon Central #B2-48/49 NEX Mall Singapore
Tel: +65 6634 4439
(btw the carpark is annoying ++++++ the mall's carpark is perpetually FULL and there's an insanely long queue leading to it, and the HDB parking opposite is also full ++++... I shall just have to get my burger fix from their other branch at Century Sq)

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