Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cold Poached Chocolate

I've never particularly been interested in Awfully Chocolates chocolate cakes until trying their cold poached chocolate. I've tried their Super Stacked Chocolate Cake a few times and their usual chocolate cake a few other times but they never were extremely inspiring so I've never blogged about them. Furthermore, Awfully Chocolate outlets have sprouted out everywhere like mushrooms after the rain, and hence it was never really worth blogging abt.

However, I've just had an epiphany and I'm now really inspired to blog after trying their awesome Cold Poached Chocolate. I've never been interested in trying it cos there's a mountain of whipped cream over a relatively small lump of chocolate and I'm not a big fan of whipped cream. They prepare the cold poached chocolate on a cold slab with these circular chocolate moulds (very much like the met moulds you use while making a perfectly circular sunny side up egg) and then leaving it there to 'poach'.

The product is a mousse like chilled chocolate dessert. The whipped cream comes in 2 different flavours -Bailey or butterscotch.

The chocolate is just as I have described but it's extremely rich and satisfying. Like eating those delicious chocolate mousse cakes without any of the interfering cake layers.

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Retired Pastry Chef said...

If the topping were real whipped cream, it would be a better compliment to the the rich chocolate base; unfortunately when I tasted this in Singapore a few days ago, the fake whipped topping ruined it for me.