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Tried vegan burger on a weekday last week. The name is such an oxymoron and I don't know why people want to eat pseudo-meat (with the exception of myself since I am very kaypoh and want to know what everything tastes like). I suppose eating pseudo-meat is against some peoples principles;) Actually I have no idea why people need to make fake meat when there's perfectly good meat around other than for religious reasons. Personally I don't see why bother making vegetable material into the form of real meat - I mean doesn't the thought of eating meat make vegetarians feel guilty?
This is the Tangy Tartar ($5.85 for the burger, $9.85 for burger, fries and juice) which is a breaded flakey vegan patty (I suppose it's trying to be a fake fish patty?) which was supposed to come with lettuce and alfafa but the latter was missing. It comes with a whole meal bun and tangy tartar sauce (which tastes like tartar sauce with an extra squirt of lemon).
Their pseudo fish patty is deep fried and has a texture quite close to a badly fried fish fillet but it was the better burger out of the 2 we tried that night.
I had the Pineapple soy burger and the patty was actually quite mushy but had the texture of meat and didn't really taste of much besides the sweet plum sauce. The ciabatta bread was one of the highlights and I liked that the bread came with pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Though I didn't quite enjoy my burger cos it was too sweet and I was really craving for something savory.

From my very limited experience with all these soy patties and Iif my memory doesn't fail me, and if I remember correctly from my secondary school days, they actually can use yeast in a reactor and then spin down the proteins to make these patties! so some of these vegan patties are actually made from yeast cell walls though I think Vegan burger uses soy. Btw, Marmite/Bovril is also made from yeast... I've tried the Subway Veggie patty (which is very ridiculously priced cos it's flown in from the USA) and I think they're more or less the same - quite mushy and not having any particular taste.

There's also some more interesting burgers like the Char-grilled satay burger and another one called Cracked pepper mayo which has a vegan patty with cracked black pepper. I suppose if I ever come back, I'd go for one of the more 'tasty' ones.

The meals all come with seaweed fries which are pretty unremarkable, but then again, I am not a fries lover.
I also had the spinach potato pops which are quite pricey at $3.80 for 5 pieces (looks like alot but its just lettuce underneath). Wouldn't try those again... It's like deep fried herbed potato balls nothing amazingly special. But I would have liked to try the veganfranks which is a pure vegan sausage (but it really looks like a sausage!) I really want to know how a fake sausage tastes like...

They also have these really 'healthy' drinks like passion fruit and orange juice hough it's not freshly squeezed. I had the spinach and wheatgrass which j thought tasted moe syrupy than anything and it had a fruity base (I think it's pear juice?). Somehow after having this meal I missed my usual coke/green tea.

I think it's a pretty interesting concept but I'm totally heading to Freshness Burger at Century Square instead! And just a note if you're curious about Vegan burger - I was studying their menu and I think that if you want to try the burger and vege franks, the best meal to get will be the VeganKidz meal which has a kid sized burger (Looks like the tangy tartare one) and vegefranks and fries, including a kid size juice.

Vegan burger
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Charmaine said...

as a vegetarian myself, i find the idea of fake meat rather looks like meat, but yet it's has this weird smell about it which perhaps is it's sad attempt to make fake meat taste like real meat for the non-true vegetarians? and it's not like fake meat tastes good - flour and gluten and whatnots! but contrary to my hatred of fake meat...the vegan burgers look sooooo appealing. only two things stopping me from trying it now - (1) it's fake meat and (2) eunos is toooo far! i think i'll stick to cedele's beetroot burger!