Friday, January 28, 2011

Fourty Hands

Fourty hands is this Eco friendly cafe tucked in the recesses of the sleepy Tiong Baru estate. (I still don't know why it's Eco friendly - says all abt my environmental friendliness...)

We had their poached eggs with muffins which was not bad,though nothing extremely spectacular which I will crave for. Muffins were a bit soggy too.

The lamb sandwich($9 something) stole the show tho it was so delicious and smelt really strongly of lamb and assorted spices. There were also diced crunchy cucumbers, onions and peppers. The foccacia bread is nicely toasted in the press grill and it's quite affordable and filling.

We also had the chocolate tart which has a chocolate tart base but the filling was had the texture of pudding/custard.

It's a nice place to chill, though it can be a bit noisy cos the place is quite small. Will come back to try their other sandwiches!

Fourty Hands
Block 78 Yong Siak street
tel 62258545

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TriathlonChef said...

this place is supposed to be famous for coffee!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but can't help noticing that throughout this blog "Forty Hands" was spelt as "Fourty Hands"....

Anonymous said...

i think u should change the spelling of this place as it is "Forty Hands" instead of "Fourty Hands". You could always refer to for further reference.

Anonymous said...

hi....i think u have a spelling error. quite obvious too. it is Forty not Fourty.