Tuesday, March 11, 2014

C.O.W Ramen Burger

 So I read about the Ramen burger, and a few of my friends tried it and raved about it to me, but sadly, I wasn't able to go down to try it. I was extremely happy and pleasantly surprised to find that it comes to my workplace once a week! So me and my colleague scuttled down to try the famed ramen burgers during lunch.
 The compact menu - prices are pretty reasonable - my colleague had the mushroom linguine which was really quite a good amount for $6.
 My spicy chicken ramen burger in the making! The chicken morsels are really tender and well marinaded - it tastes vaguely like the Korean BBQ hotplate chicken.
I'm not a fan of crispy noodles, so the only interesting part of the ramen burger, which is the ramen patty was lost on me. Though the sauce and the innards more than made up for the not so nice patties. It's a bit heavy going because the patties are pretty greasy, and fried till crispy.
I didn't eat 1 patty, so I decided to get the chicken salad wrap to supplement my meal. It's not bad but the law of diminishing returns applies here.

You can catch them on Facebook to see where their next location is. Hope they keep coming to my workplace!

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