Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Foods

I've been eating lots but haven't had much time to blog. So here's a short update on what I've been up to in Feb, before March ends too. 
I was feeling adventurous and decided to try the Hoji cha parfait from Nana's Green Tea. It's my to go to dessert place at Plaza Singapura cos there usually isn't a queue since the restaurant has lots of seats (tsk Tsukada Nojo, so tiny, always make ppl queue). I'm glad to say that I was fortunate that I decided to stop being a old bore and having my usual green tea warabimochi parfait, I decided to try the Hoji cha one. I really really like the hoji cha red beans, simply cos its doesn't taste like red bean. It reminds me more of lotus paste in moon cakes somehow. Plus I really love the warabimochi and corn flakes (cheap thrill, but Ive tried asking the restaurant many times, they're really inflexible and don't want to give me extra corn flakes, even though I sometimes ask for no red beans).

The Hojicha parfait is much better than the green tea one! Go try if you haven't and stop being an old bore like me.
 Finally tried Tian Tian Chicken rice for the first time in my life! (Benefits of working near town). Really disgraceful for a Singaporean food blogger but then it's not my favourite food. It's not bad, but I'm still not a fan of chicken rice. And neither am I a fan of queueing in a hot, stuffy and oily hawker centre for chicken rice. To be fair I queued for <15 cos="" definitely="" early="" i="" if="" life="" m="" min="" my="" nbsp="" not="" p="" queuing.="" really="" there="" was="" wasting="">
I also managed to try the famous porridge one morning when I was post call. Being disgraceful again, I forgot what the name was. But the queue was really long (I wasn't the one queueing obviously).

 Spotted this Muller strawberry yogurt at cold storage. It's selling for $3+ (nearly $4) per pack but it's delicious! I first ate it in UK on holiday - where it's only 99p at some of the supermarkets. It's my absolute favourite yogurt! The next time I went back to Cold Storage, it was all gone (except for the horrible chocolate flavour, I don't like chocolate in my yogurt!) The next time I see this, I'm going to get myself at least 5 tubs! Please let me know if any of you see these muller yogurt lurking around the supermarkets (especially the strawberry one, since I only like yogurt with strawberry).
 Mushroom and cheese crepe from Saybons - is it just me but it feels like the prices have gone up? I haven't been there for a while and somehow felt that $5-8 bucks for a crepe just isn't justifiable, since it's not particularly filling. The mushroom and cheese crepe wasn't so expensive, and I think anything with cheese in a crepe goes really well together. I'm still partial to the seafood bisque, so I haven't been adventurous with my soups - I think the tomato and seafood bisque are still the best.
Awesome big prawn hor fun from Kok Sen at Keong Siak Street. Super huge prawns, and the very delicious wok hei taste, and super umami gravy. It's mildly spicy, just enough to give it the kick and yet not tongue-numbing. I'm itching to try the big prawn beehoon but it's soupy, so I am still thinking twice if I want to eat it on call cos I'll have to drag it all the way from the car park!

Here's the phone number should anyone want to call for takeaway. I assume that the carpark's a pain on weekends and on Fridays, since the area is so densely populated with good food restaurants.

30 Keong Siak Street
Tel 62232005

Ok that's all the updates. I need to go and sleep before my eye bags become bigger than my eyes. 

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ice said...

OMGG I LOVE MULLER YOGURTS!! Jasons got! I love the cherry & peach & blueberry too!