Friday, January 31, 2014

Tanuki Raw

 I've never really felt the need to go for a drink after work. The food's the main draw for me. But of late, the prospect of having a drink (with good food, of course) has been extremely enticing. I've been wanting to try Tanuki for eons and eons (prob for the last year already) but never made it down successfully. They have this awesome happy hour from 5pm-8pm, where their cocktails go for $10, and each cocktail ordered gets you 6 pieces of oysters at $2 each.
 Freshly shucked oysters with lots of that delicious oyster brine.
Another close up
Nom nom nom nom nom 
Words can't describe how deliciously fresh the oysters were.

The cocktails weren't bad - pretty good but for me, the main draw were the oysters. They have a few anal rules - such as one table cannot have more than 12 oysters at one time -_- but it doesn't matter just as long as I get my maximum 6 pieces, eventually, I suppose. (Even better if some people in your group don't eat oysters - you can always eat theirs ^v^)
 We were hungry (sort of, anyway, cos everyone had dinner at home) so we decided to try some of the sushi rolls. A word of advice - DON'T. They're pretty expensive for the portion, and are a far cry of how you would envision proper sushi rolls to be (I kept picturing the Sushi Bar's rolls). Save your $ and calories and go to Everything with Fries (conveniently located downstairs) and eat your har cheong gai nuggets (best thing ever invented - it's like boneless har cheong gai).
Sad Sushi Roll 
Tanuki Raw
181 Orchard Road 
#02-03 Orchard Central
Tel 66365949
Opening Hours 1130am to 1030pm
Happy Hour 5-8pm daily

Go here to see their happy hour menu 

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