Friday, January 10, 2014

Tamoya Udon - United Square

Tamoya Udon is this really famous Udon chain from Japan. I've been hearing a lot about the outlet at Liang Court, but since Liang Court is really out of the way for me on weekdays (plus I would need to pay ERP) and I don't fancy going there on weekends (there's so many other places to checkout) I haven't made my way there. Until, by a stroke of luck, I chanced upon their outlet at United square. Somehow United Square has been surprising me again and again, with new food outlets that I never knew existed (perhaps cos it's further from Novena/Square 2 I seldom venture there, and it's overrun by screaming kids on the weekends). 
It's a no frills udon restaurant, pretty much like a fast food restaurant, where you order and pick up your food and pay for it at the cashier, before sitting down to enjoy your bowl of udon. They also have a few rice dishes, but obviously the udon is the star here. 
After ordering the udon, there's a nice long line of tempura (some freshly cooked, some which have been sitting there under a heat lamp for a while), which are very reasonably priced (in my opinion). I got tempted by the tempura x3, because my udon took 15 minutes to come. 

One of the things that my friends raved about was the unlimited toppings counter - where you can get unlimited servings of spring onions, tempura batter (everyone loves this, except me), and seaweed. There's also plum, grated ginger, radish (love this!) and some other toppings which didn't really appeal to me. 
 My Kama-tama udon ($5.80) which took forever to come. To be fair, they did tell me that the wait would be 15 minutes. And I ate 3 pieces of tempura while waiting. I picked this udon because I wanted to enjoy the udon with minimal distractions. It comes with dipping sauce (which I didn't use, cos I thought that the noodles were tasty by itself). Looks really plain in the picture, but you can always add the unlimited toppings.
 I tried  3 different tempura - the first one being this longish fish cake thing ($1.50), which was pretty good. Actually, I chose it because it was freshly cooked and just out of the deep frier, so it was nice and warm and crispy.
I also had the chicken cutlet ($2) and the pumpkin ($1.50). I really liked the pumpkin because it was a wedge, rather than a scrawny little slice.

 This is how the beef udon ($10.80) looks like after it's dressed up with the unlimited toppings.

If you go to the United square outlet soon, be sure to look for the 1 free tempura brochure which they have outside their store

Tamoya Udon
101 Thomson Road 
#B1-07 United Square
Tel 62587783

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