Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bahn Mi 888

Vietnamese Original Sandwich $6.50

Bahn Mi 888 is a small cafe selling Vietnamese dishes in United Square. They're been open for a few months now, and I managed to try the Vietnamese Baguette for lunch (on the last day at work in my old workplace - super miss everything a lot )

The bread is soft and crusty, and is freshly toasted. I'm quite a fan of all these Vietnamese baguettes, my favourite used to be Saigon Baguette, till they all closed down. Nam Nam's is pretty ok but isn't my fave cos the bread to ingredient ratio is too much. There's a few cuts of Vietnamese Hams, together with pork pate, preserved vegetables (carrots, radish and cucumber), a few pieces of sliced chill and parsley. The portion is a bit small so I was hungry again before dinner, but if you supplement this with one of their rice paper rolls it should be sufficiently filling.  
 The menu is very compact and simple. Most of their dishes are $7 or less, and for lunch, there's a free cold drink with any mains (not sure if it's still on now, but they were giving out peach or lemon tea)

I'll definitely be back for the Vietnamese Glass noodles (the dry spring roll and chicken noodles look really awesome - saw someone eating it when I was there). 

Banh Mi 888
#B1-06 United Square Shopping Mall
101 Thomson Road
Phone 63543858
Daily 10am to 9pm

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