Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let them eat (Chicken Floss) cake!

SF Chicken Floss Cake
 My mum's friend gave her a very interesting chicken floss cake. It's a level up from the chicken floss bun that we are all very familiar with. Instead of a soft bun, it's a sweet fluffy cake underneath the mountain of floss. The sauce tastes very similar to the sweet sauce in the Bread Talk bun.
Its a cake, not a bread!
The texture of the cake is perfect, especially when microwaved on each side for 10s. It tastes much better warm.

I think it can be improved by having an additional layer of the floss with sauce (much like the icing in the middle of the cake), and having less of the floss embedded within the cake itself (cos it's lumpy and weird, and doesn't have much taste).

Go check out their website here. There's really interesting cakes that I'm itching to try!

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