Monday, January 6, 2014

Supply and Demand

Time passes really fast, especially since I've been busy this festive season - I realised that this post has been lurking in the recesses of blogger for a really long time. Went to Supply and Demand for dinner before watching Swan Lake in November. I was suitably impressed by the food here, which is why I'm still going to blog about it. I intentionally picked dishes from their Peruvian menu (they also have an Italian menu - pizzas and pastas) since I haven't tried Peruvian food before.
Ceviche Mixto ($16) which is a light salad with raw seafood, and an assortment of vegetables - sweet potatoes, corn, cucumber, onions, sliced chillies etc. It's pretty good but I thought that the dressing was too lemony for my liking. 
The meats menu is pretty interesting - choose one meat and have it done whichever way the chef wants to that day - it'll also be served with 2 side dishes.
We had the chicken and the lamb - which were both done very well.
Lovely lamb chops

Unfortunately for me, the salad was rocket and tomato. So I ate all the tomato and left all the rocket. I would rather eat parsley than rocket. Somehow can't stand the bitter taste no matter what it's paired with, but if it's with pizza and parma ham, then that's an exception.
Dessert - I really can't remember which desserts we ordered, but I was really delighted to have the vanilla sponge cake with sweet cream (the one above) which was so delicious, light and creamy.
Diminishing returns by the time we reached the 2nd dessert - shouldn't have ordered this lol!

The Pisco cocktails here are really potent, especially considering the pricing. 

Supply and Demand
#01-13 Esplanade, Colours by the Bay (near Thai Express)
8 Raffles Avenue
Tel 63360588

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